do you do these weird things while reading?

I came across this article on Bustle titled 15 Weird Things You Do While Reading That Are Actually Totally Normal and it made me laugh so much. I am guilty of so many things on this list!

Crying in public. Yes, I’ve definitely cried in public while reading a book. You try to surreptitiously wipe your eyes so people can’t see while trying to control your facial expressions so it doesn’t look like you’re blubbering all over your Chipotle burrito…

Flipping through the pages before you start reading. The first thing I do when I start reading a book is I always look at the last page to see how many pages are in the book. This is mainly so I know what to expect and how many pages I get to read. Of course, sometimes I’ll flip through a book just to hear the pages as they flutter by.

Using anything as a bookmark. I’ve used many different things for bookmarks – old receipts, luggage tags, plane tickets, a sock, the tv remote, napkins, another book, my phone. Basically anything that is lying around when I need to mark my place can and will be used.

Forgetting to eat because the book is so, so good. I’ve skipped just about every meal at least once because I’ve been so caught up in my books.

Sleeping with the book beside you. This is mainly because I have a big bed and sometimes I am too lazy to roll over and reach to put my book on the nightstand. Also, when I wake up I know my book will be right there next to me in case I want to pick up where I left off.

Drinking in the bathtub with a book. Who doesn’t do this?

Sitting and reflecting silently on a book after you’ve finished reading. I have to digest all my feelings about the book before I can move on to something else.

Posing over and over and over again for the perfect Bookstagram photos. I have so many deleted photos of books where the light wasn’t right or you could see my arm in the picture or something weird is going on .

Anticipating “mail-day” even though you’re already reading three books at once. I don’t have “mail-day” so for me this is “library-holds day”, i.e. the day when a book becomes available at the library after I’ve put it on hold (which usually ends up being all the books at once).

Getting one hour of sleep because you were up all night reading. The ultimate indulgence at the time until you’re trying to stay awake at work the next day.

The one thing I would add to this list is Reading Everywhere. I’ve read in the cafeteria, many fast food places, and restaurants. I’ve read at sporting events and at meetings (but don’t tell my boss or nonprofit affiliates). I’ve read while walking down the street and waiting for the light to change. I read at the gym, on the bus, on the train, and when I’m riding in the backseat of a car. Completely normal, right?

How many weird things on the list have you done?