what I’m reading: then came you by jennifer weiner.

then-came-youThen Came You is the story of 4 women whose lives become connected by chance. India Bishop wants to get pregnant in order to secure her standing in her older husband’s life (and bank account). After she learns she is unable to carry a child, India decides to use a surrogate and a donated egg. Jules, a bright college senior, has sold her eggs and plans to use the money to help her father fight his addictions. Annie is a young housewife who agrees to become a surrogate to financially help her family and because she loves being a mother. Meanwhile, India’s step-daughter Bettina is convinced India is a gold-digger and sets out to unearth all her secrets.

This book was my book club’s pick from last month. I had read a couple others of Jennifer Weiner’s books so I knew what I was getting into. This book is pretty much the definition of chick-lit. Issues about modern women? Check. Issues about female friendships? Check. Humorous? Check. Romantic entanglements? Check.

All the characters were developed and had a lot of back-story. The more I read about India, the more I kept changing my opinion of her. There were a couple of reveals that I thought were a bit anti-climactic and I really couldn’t stand the Bettina character. She was unhappy and bitter and I’m not sure I bought her redemption arc at the end.

However, while the core of the story kept me entertained, I thought the ending was a little woo-woo and a bit unbelievable. I’m skeptical that all the problems could be fixed and tied up in a big bow as they were presented in the book. Most of my book club felt the same – the book was okay but the ending was unrealistic.


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