2016 reading in review.

I’m taking a look back at my 2016 year of reading. I didn’t have any real reading goals last year or participate in any book challenges. I pretty much read whatever caught my eye and sounded interesting.

Here’s how I did in 2016:

Number of books read: 50
This averages out to .96 books read per week.

Number of pages read: 17,506
Averages out to approximately 336 pages read a week.

Longest book:
Baby, It’s Cold Outside at 534 pages.

Shortest book:
Unexpected Gifts at 136 pages.

Average Book Length:
350 pages

According to Goodreads, my average rating was 3.3 stars.

Books by genre:
Fiction – 48
Nonfiction – 2

Books by acquisition type:
35 books were borrowed from the library.

Books by format:
Paperback – 19
Hardback – 18
Ebooks – 13

First book read in 2016:
When We Were Animals

Last book read in 2016:
Marry Me at Christmas

Another great year for books!!

book heart


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