what I’m reading: sleigh bells in the snow by sarah morgan.

sleigh-bells-in-the-snowSomeone needs to get on the phone to the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime because this book needs to be made into a Christmas movie right now.

Kayla Green hasn’t been a fan of Christmas since she was 13 and would prefer to skip the holiday this year. When Jackson O’Neil hires Kayla to help his family’s struggling ski and spa resort, Kayla thinks she has the perfect solution – she’ll spend a week at the resort coming up with a way to bring in business and if that means she’ll have to spend the holiday in a secluded cabin surrounded by nothing, then oh well. But after spending time with Jackson and his family, Kayla finds herself right in the middle of an O’Neil family Christmas.

This book is wonderful and is the perfect way to start my Christmas reading. If you don’t know, I love Christmas, especially Christmas movies and books. This book definitely put me in the Christmas mood and I am ready with my peppermint hot chocolate and holiday songs in the background.

I loved just about everything about this book. I loved the setting – who doesn’t want to relax in a hot tub at a skiing resort in the middle of a snow covered forest and watch the stars. I loved the characters – Jackson’s brothers, mother, grandparents, and the rest of the town people. I thought that Jackson’s family really made the story come alive and every character had so many different sides to them. And it’s a holiday romance!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a Christmas-themed romance novel. Beware though, Jackson has 2 brothers and each brother has a book in this series. You just might find yourself reading all three of them in a long weekend!


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