what I’m reading: the readers of broken wheel recommend by katarina bivald.

the-readers-of-broken-wheel-recommendWhen Sara arrives in Broken Wheel, Iowa from Sweden, she expects to spend the next few months with her pen pal Amy. What she doesn’t expect to find is that Amy has died. Stuck in Iowa now for the next 2 months Sara doesn’t know what to do with herself, until she stumbles on the idea to start a bookstore in Broken Wheel in honor of Amy’s memory.

This book was so cute. Full disclosure – it’s more of a book within a book. This book talks about books, talks about plots of books, it is just full of books.

There were so many things I liked about this book. I adored the character of Sara. Sara loves books. She loves them so much that she would prefer to hang out with books over hanging out with people. But I mean, who wouldn’t prefer to read a book rather than hang out with strangers, right? She loves books and she just wants to share them with everyone which is why the idea of opening a book store suited her character so well.

And the townspeople of Broken Wheel fit perfectly. They are such a motley bunch of quirky characters. There’s the busy-body who knows everyone, the diner owner with all the gossip, and the guy who is down on his luck. They all welcomed Sara so warmly when she arrived and even concocted a crazy scheme to help her stay in the U.S. after her visa runs out.

This was a fun, light-hearted read. If you are a bookworm, booklover, bibliophile, avid reader, whatever you want to call yourself, I recommend you read this book!


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