a day at emerald downs.

It was off to the races yesterday as I went to Emerald Downs. Emerald Downs is a horse racetrack in Auburn, Washington.


I’ve never been to Emerald Downs before. My friend and I got to the track early and took a tour of the stables beforehand. We learned about the history of the track and saw the barn areas and the equine hospital. The veterinarian on hand took the time to talk to us and we learned a lot of interesting things about how the horses are cared for.

Then it was off to the track! My friend and I got a racing program and picked out our horses. We wandered around the Paddock, where you can see the horses, jockeys, and trainers. It was a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest so we had some great views of the horses and the scenery!


I love the horses’ names. There is quite an art form in naming a horse. Some of my favorite names from yesterday races were Margarita Man, She’s a Snooty Bee, Neat Lady, Space Monkey, and Raspberry Road.

There were 10 races on Saturday. Sadly, I did not win any money. I don’t know much about horse racing and betting, so I ended up picking a horse and betting for it to show – which means if it places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, I win. Even having 3 places where I could win, I still only picked a winning horse once. (I won $.60 in case anyone is wondering.)


I had a lot of fun though! The racing season ends today so I’ll have to wait until next April to go back and try to recoup my earnings.




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