what I’m reading: all is not forgotten by wendy walker.

all is not forgottenAfter young Jenny Kramer is violently attacked at a party, she is given a controversial drug to erase her memories of the event. While her physical wounds heal in the weeks and months that follow, Jenny struggles with her emotions, unable to deal with not knowing what happened. Her father becomes obsessed with finding her attacker, her mother wants everything to go back to the way it was before, and the psychiatrist treating Jenny finds himself stuck in a moral quandary.

I thought this was a gripping book. Though we don’t know who the narrative is at the beginning, we find out it is Jenny’s psychiatrist (which I don’t think is a spoiler!). Jenny’s parents hire him to help Jenny regain her memories, but is that his only motivation? Or does he have other interests in Jenny’s case?

There were some parts in the book that were kind of slow and got bogged down with medical terminology and sometimes the narrator seemed to go off on random tangents. While the book is not action-packed, it is definitely thought-provoking and it certainly made me ponder the pros and cons of having a drug regime like the one in the book.

All is Not Forgotten is a compelling and suspenseful novel that questions the importance of memories.


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