why I won’t be reading harry potter and the cursed child.

harry potter books

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out this weekend, not surprisingly on Harry Potter’s birthday, and I think I am going to pass on it. I am going to pass on the play, the midnight parties, drinking butterbeer, and dressing in costume.

Here’s why:

1. I’m a fan of the Harry Potter books but I’m not fanatical about them.
The first Harry Potter book came out in 1997, when I was in college. I actually didn’t start reading the series until about 2005 or so, before the 6th book came out. I binge read those first 5 books in a couple of weeks. I loved the books. They were perfect for what I needed at that time and kept me entertained.

However, I read the books when I was in my 20’s. I didn’t grow up reading them or grow up with Harry and his friends like so many others; they weren’t part of my childhood. I enjoyed the books but I don’t have the devotion to them that other people have.

I still have all the books. They have a dedicated place on my bookshelf and I pull them out to re-read them when I feel the need to. But they are enough for me.

2. For me, the series is over.
One of the things that drew me to the Harry Potter series was that you knew going in, that there would be 7 books. No more, no less. You knew the books would cover all 7 years of Harry’s school and then there would be an ending.

I like knowing when something is going to end. I enjoy knowing that there will be a conclusion. I’ve quit more than one book series because they just seem to go on and on and on with no end in sight. I’ll pick up the next book in the series, with the hopes it will finally conclude, but the series just seems to drag on.

Knowing that there is an end, I don’t have to worry about falling behind. I read all 7 Harry Potter books. But then Pottermore came out. And then other supplemental books came out. And short stories to be read on Pottermore were published and other tidbits of information were published. And now the play is coming out. I just don’t have time to keep up with everything and I feel like you must Know All The Information in order to understand what’s happening.

3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play.
A play is a work for the stage. It is meant to be seen and is composed of conversation between the characters. It would be like reading a transcript of a television show. Sure, I could read the dialogue between the characters but I won’t know what’s happening around them, what’s going on in their heads, how the words are meant to be spoken, what the characters are feeling.

Not being able to actually see the play or have more context, I feel like I would only be reading half a story. Is it worth it?

I hope Harry’s birthday this weekend is great. I hope it is amazing. And I hope lots of books sell. I just won’t be buying one.

Am I the only one who thinks this? Am I alone in my non-Cursed Child worship?


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