what I’m reading: fool me once by harlan coben.

fool me onceI got hooked on Harlan Coben’s books after reading The Stranger. I saw he had a new book coming out so I put myself on the waitlist at the library.

Maya Stern Burkett is a former military special ops pilot, home from the war. Her husband Joe has just been brutally murdered, leaving Maya to care for their two-year old daughter. But when Maya sees Joe on her nanny cam playing with their daughter a few weeks after his death, she starts to wonder if he is really alive.

I thought this book was a decent read. Although it was well done, I just wasn’t as into it as other Harlan Coben books I have read or other thrillers. I found myself putting it down a lot and had to make myself finish it, if only so that I could return it to the library on time.

Perhaps I didn’t really connect with the main character. Maya seemed kind of abrasive and for all the worrying she seemed to have about her daughter, I didn’t really see them have any kind of relationship. Plus I never got the feeling that Maya was really freaking out over her husband potentially being alive. It seemed to be the main plot point of the novel but Maya just seemed to be “eh”.

I did feel sorry for Maya though and I felt she was a very sympathetic character because of her past. She definitely tugged on my emotions in the sense that she had served in the war and was suffering from PTSD and it was just so very sad that her husband had died and now she had to raise their child by herself. In addition, it wasn’t that long ago that Maya’s sister had been murdered in what appeared to be a home break-in, leaving behind her husband and children.

Nevertheless, the book ended very intriguing and interesting. It took a direction I wasn’t expecting it to take, but I respect that’s what the author wanted to do.

While this wasn’t my favorite, I will still be on the lookout for other Harlan Coben books.


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