I’m still here.

I’ve been away from the internet for the past couple of weeks. I moved a couple of weekends ago to a new apartment and I just got my internet hooked back up. It’s a bit of a relief since I was getting tired of toting my computer to Starbucks and all the other places that offer free wifi. Plus, since I feel guilty hanging out and taking up a table at Starbucks for 5 hours, I’ve been drinking a lot of frappuccinos and eating a lot of pastries. Not good for my wallet or waistline.

The reason I was without internet so long was that my new apartment management told me the internet of choice in the building was cable internet. I thought, “Okay, I’ll just call up the cable company and have them come out and set everything up.”

Well, two different technicians had to come out on two different days before they figured out the cable line wasn’t working. Apparently, at some point the cable line had been stapled to the wall but the staples went through the cable line and it was damaged.

Which means another technician would have to come out again and install an entire new line.

By that time, I had noticed an outlet for broadband internet in the apartment that I had missed earlier. I canceled the cable internet and instead just transferred my account I had at my old apartment to the new one. The internet was turned on in a couple of days – I got home from work that evening, plugged in the modem, and everything lit up and was working.

Easy. No need for new cable lines or anything.

It’s interesting how much time I have to do nothing when I don’t have access to the internet. I’ve been staring a lot at the television. Since I only have antennae television I get a lot of interesting channels and I’ve been mesmerized by infomercials. I know I don’t need a square copper-infused nonstick coating cooking pan, but look at all the cool stuff I could cook! And you can cook with it right on the stove and put it straight into the oven. Pure genius! Also, can I just buy everything that Guthy-Renker is selling?

Sometimes, I just sit around and wonder what I should do. I’ve read a lot. I’ve gone for a lot of walks. As I’ve said, I’ve been to Starbucks many times. I’ve sat in the lobby and in the building’s gym and laundry room trying to check my email and download podcasts. Funny, no one goes to the gym on Friday nights…

But now I have internet and I feel I am part of society again. I have a bunch of emails to get caught up on, blogs to read, and shows to watch.


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