11 reasons to love the seattle public library.

10 (plus 1 extra) reasons to love the Seattle Public Library:

library stacks

1. Free books! Need I say more?
**Note that books are only free if you return them on time, otherwise you will be like me and have to pay oodles of late fees.

2. Movies and television shows. The library also has movies and television shows on DVDs to check out. I watched the entire first 2 seasons of Game of Thrones from DVDs I checked out from the library.

3. Music. Not only can you check out CDs, but the library has a streaming service where you can stream music and download.

4. Magazines/Newspapers. There are tons of magazines and newspapers to read. Current issues as well as back issues are available for most. Are you looking for the February 1987 issue of Dog Fancy? You can find it on the 6th floor at the Central Library.

5. Free programs. The library has tons of free programs. You can hear an author talk, see a sneak preview of an upcoming ballet or opera, watch a short movie during a film screening, and discuss books in the book club. During tax season, you can get help to prepare your taxes. And during football season, you can watch a Seahawks game with other fans.

6. Research desk. The librarians at the research desk are always willing to answer questions. You can call with questions, chat online, send your question by email, or stop by any of the desks in person. I’ve asked many questions of the reference librarians and they are always super friendly and have so much knowledge.

7. Seattle Writes. Seattle Writes supports local writers through programs, workshops, write-ins, and by providing spaces to work throughout the city. They also schedule loads of write-ins for writers to get their words down during NaNoWriMo.

8. Adult education. The library offers multiple adult education classes and tutoring. There are plenty of ESL, job readiness, interview, life skills, and resume programs.

9. Museum Pass. By scheduling your visit in advance, you can use your Seattle Public Library card to reserve and print out a free admission pass to participating Seattle museums. Some of the museums you can visit for free are the Burke Museum, EMP Museum, Museum of Flight, and Seattle Art Museum.

10. The Seattle Central Library architecture. The opinion of the architecture is mixed. I think it is really distinctive and innovative. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit it’s eye-catching.

11. Shopping and coffee. We are in Seattle so we must have our coffee! The Central Library has a coffee shop on the 3rd floor, as well as the FriendShop. The FriendShop has many items for readers and book-lovers, including cards, artwork and crafts by Northwest artists.

central library


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