what I’m reading: no one knows by j.t. ellison.

no one knows5 years ago, Aubrey’s husband Josh disappeared in the middle of his friend’s bachelor party. After searching the hotel where the party was at, Aubrey arrived home to find a trashed house, lots of blood, and no Josh. The police arrested Aubrey and put her on trial for murdering her husband, however with no body and no proof of Josh’s death, Aubrey is found not guilty.

Today, the State of Tennessee has declared Josh dead. Aubrey should feel glad the ordeal is over, but she only wants to know what happened – was Josh murdered? Or is he still alive somewhere? If he’s still alive, why has he stayed away the past 5 years? Add in Josh’s mother who is getting ready to battle Aubrey over Josh’s life insurance policy, and the appearance of a mystery man who reminds Aubrey of Josh, and Aubrey doesn’t know what to believe.

I found this book to be riveting. Every time I turned the page more questions and more theories about what happened to Josh would jump into my head. Did he fake his death? Where has he been? Did he just want to leave Aubrey? Was he murdered? Did Aubrey murder him? Why does Josh’s mom hate Aubrey so much – does she know something we don’t? And who is this stranger that appeared that reminds Aubrey of Josh?

Like many other popular books now, this book is told from different viewpoints and jumps around in time. However, I think this is a clever plot device and found it to be well-crafted in this book. We don’t know if Aubrey is a reliable narrator or not. We don’t know if any of the narrators are reliable. The jumping in time works because it allows us to form an opinion about a character, but then read about something that happened previous in time that can completely change our opinion about that character. We are constantly learning new backstory about these characters which led me to keep coming up with more questions and more ideas about what really happened.

As a side note, I love soap operas and have watched soap operas since I was in junior high, so it was no trouble for me to come up with crazy theories about what was happening in this book. I did happen to guess a few of the plot points, but not all.

This book kept me guessing until the very last pages.


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