early morning coffee musings 01.30.2016.


Last night I watched Pride & Prejudice – the 2005 movie starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. I love Pride and Prejudice. I especially love the 1995 BBC version.

(Something I learned on IMDB – apparently the 2005 version is “Pride & Prejudice”, with an ampersand, and all other versions are “Pride and Prejudice”, with “and”. Trivia!)

Now, in my opinion, the Keira Knightley movie is fine. It’s different than the BBC version, but it tells the same story. However, there is one scene in particular that I just don’t understand.

After Jane has gone to dine with Caroline Bingley, it starts raining and Mrs. Bennett is all aflutter because her scheme has worked and now Jane is stuck at the Bingley’s. We see a scene where it is raining and pouring outside and Elizabeth has been caught in the downpour. She’s soaking wet, running through the garden, and runs by some laundry that had been hung up to dry.

Elizabeth then proceeds to grab a towel that was hanging outside, goes into the house, and starts drying her hair with the towel.

So, she’s drying her hair with a towel that has been hanging outside in the rain and presumably is soaking wet, because we saw it had been outside in the rain.


This just seems completely contradictory to me. Why would you grab a wet towel to dry yourself off with? Not a damp towel, but a wet towel. Remember, it’s pouring outside and the towel had been hanging on the washing line. So it’s pretty wet.

I don’t get it. Am I missing something? Are there no other towels to be found at Longbourn?

This scene bugs me every time I watch this movie. I’m very confused…


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