what I’m reading: day four by sarah lotz.

Day ThreeDay Four by Sarah Lotz.

Day Four is the follow up to The Three, that creepy book I read last month. Day Four takes place aboard a cruise ship named Beautiful Dreamer that has embarked on a 5 day singles cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. One of the main characters is Celine del Ray, a psychic who has a slim connection to The Three in that she was hired by a woman whose daughter and grandchild died in one of the plane crashes (although Celine does not actually make an appearance in The Three). Celine is the headlining star on board the cruise ship.

But when the Beautiful Dreamer strangely loses power on its last day, mysterious things start to happen on board, a woman is murdered, and passengers begin to see things. As the days go by, food starts to run out, the toilets stop working, and the passengers wonder why no one has shown up to rescue them. Does no one know the ship is stranded, or has something catastrophic happened on land that has prevented anyone from helping?

I was a bit disappointed in this book. I didn’t think it was as creepy as The Three, but then again the main reason I felt The Three was so creepy was because of the strange and spooky children. There were no creepy or spooky children in this book. Rather the horror and macabre come from, as the passengers get more and more claustrophobic after being stranded for days, crew members and passengers begin to hallucinate and Celine starts having visions from her spirit guides. Unexplainable events occur while Celine promises that everything will be okay if the passengers stick with her.

The plot was interesting, however there were also parts that made no sense. While there was definitely something eerie about being stranded on a ship in the middle of the ocean, I didn’t think that there was a real connection between this book and The Three. Besides mysterious supernatural events, I felt that we had to wade through the entire book to get to the end to finally make the connection.

I was let down by the ending. I thought it was vague and didn’t answer any questions. If anything, it brought up more questions since I’m still not even sure what happened in those last pages.


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