thanksgiving for the turkeys at pasado’s safe haven.

pasados turkey

Yesterday I was lucky to attend Thanksgiving for the Turkeys at Pasado’s Safe Haven. Pasado’s Safe Haven is a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary, dedicated to ending animal cruelty.

For the 4th year now, Pasado’s Safe Haven has hosted Thanksgiving for the Turkeys, a celebration that honors turkeys. They served a delicious vegan Thanksgiving meal prepared with local, fresh food.

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive. Would the main course be tofu turkey? Would we just be served a bunch of side dishes? Would I still enjoy a Thanksgiving meal without deviled eggs?

The meal was scrumptious!

pasados appetizer

pasados mail course

After eating we had the opportunity to tour the sanctuary and see some of the animals that live there. I couldn’t believe how many animals there were, let alone the wide variety of animals. There were goats, sheep, llamas, geese, a donkey, cows, pigs, and cats and dogs, among others.

pasados sheep

pasados llamas

pasados 1

pasados 2

It was very enlightening to see all the animals and know that they are living a good and cruel-free life at the sanctuary.

pasados sanctuary sign

Pasado’s Safe Haven was founded in 1997 in honor of “Pasado”, a beloved donkey who was tortured to death by teenagers. It occupies 85 acres of land in Monroe, WA.

pasados safe haven



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