what I’m reading: borrow-a-bridesmaid by anne wagener.

borrow a bridemaidBorrow-A-Bridesmaid by Anne Wagener

After graduating from college, the only job Piper Brody could get was working at the airport bookstore. Not exactly fulfilling for the English major. Frustrated with her lack of money and abundance of school loans, Piper decides to sell her body on Craigslist – as a hired bridesmaid.

Soon Piper finds herself having all sorts of bridesmaid adventures. She gets hired to be a bridesmaid in a forbidden love wedding between a cellist and a trumpet player, and helps another bride reconcile with her mother. She tackles a bridal gown sale at Filene’s Basement where she narrowly misses getting trampled in a bridal stampede. She embarks on a romance with Charlie, the brother of one of her brides, and wonders if he could be The One. However, when Charlie shows up as the groom to a real bridezilla, Piper must figure out the real reason why he is marrying her and how to stop the wedding.

This book was a lot of fun. Piper is hilarious and a likeable character. She dreams about becoming an accomplished writer, when her imagination isn’t running away with itself. She is witty and funny and was just so entertaining to read about.

As Piper meets new people while navigating her bridesmaid’s duties, she learns a lot about herself. A large portion of this book is about Piper’s journey, rising self-confidence, and independence.

The secondary characters in this book were fleshed out as well. Many of them had their own storylines and didn’t feel as if they were put in the novel just so you could see who Piper’s roommate was, or who her boss was. They added so much to my enjoyment of the book. In fact, a couple of the secondary characters were some of my favorite parts.

Borrow-A-Bridesmaid is a fun, light, and charming book. I only wish I had come up with the idea to rent myself out as a bridesmaid before this book came out.


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