what I’m reading: neanderthal seeks human (knitting in the city book 1) by penny reid.

neanderthal seeks humanNeanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City Book 1) by Penny Reid

Janie is not having a good day. Not only did she break up with her cheating boyfriend, which means she doesn’t have a place to live, but her job has been downsized and she’s stuck in a bathroom with no toilet paper. However, a chance encounter with the security officer dubbed Sir Handsome McHotpants could leave Janie with not only a new job, but possibly a new love interest.

This was a cute book, an enjoyable way to pass a lazy day. I actually read this when I was on vacation and it was easy to put down and come back to when I had some time to read.

It involves your typical main character who doesn’t know how fabulous she is and the alpha male who sweeps her off her feet. There’s a meet-cute and some mistaken identities and a knitting group!

The main character Janie, is intelligent and quirky and is a self-described Neanderthal. She’s a bit of a nerd who frequently talks too much and goes off on trivia-based tangents, and who has some self-esteem issues. She was an interesting character to read and I’m not sure I’ve read a book where the heroine was so neurotic, but it worked for this book.

Quinn, aka Handsome McHotpants, is all protective. He definitely has a thing for Janie but the main issue I have is that we know nothing about him. He seems to have this huge backstory that we learn nothing about so I never felt like I really knew who he was as a character. Plus, there are a few events that occur that relate to his backstory that just would have made more sense and would have added to the story if we knew the reasoning behind them.

I liked this book but I wasn’t in love with it. It made me smile, it made me laugh, but it left me with many questions. There are more books in this series so perhaps those questions get answered later.


2 thoughts on “what I’m reading: neanderthal seeks human (knitting in the city book 1) by penny reid.

  1. It sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon. I might pick this one up (and find out why Janie would describe herself as a Neanderthal, a term I’ve only heard used to describe intellectually backwards men).

    Great review!


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