what I’m reading: the three by sarah lotz.

The Three by Sarah Lotz

The ThreeFour planes crash on the same day on different continents. In three of the four crashes, a young child is the only survivor. Coincidence? Perhaps. But as “The Three”, as the children are dubbed, go home and go about their daily lives, they start to exhibit strange and disturbing behavior. Friends and family aren’t sure what to think. And then, a religious community turned cult hails the children as three of the four apocalyptic horsemen.

I started reading this book before I left for my vacation but when I read the first few pages and they were about plane crashes, I thought “Maybe this book should wait until I get back.” I promptly left it unread on my Kindle where it stayed until I returned.

The book is more of a book within a book. It is notes and sources from an author who wrote an investigative book about the plane crashes. The story is told through multiple points of view in an interview/journal format. There are excerpts from books and news articles, and transcripts of voice recordings, letters, and emails. I thought it was a creative way to tell the story and not a format I had read before.

Personally, I thought this book was super creepy. But then again, creepy kids totally terrify me. I can’t watch any movies where kids are evil or spooky or anything like that. There were also a few times when I was reading at night where I had to stop reading because it was dark out and I don’t like creepy and scary things at night. I felt like Joey from the Friends episode where he has to put his book in the freezer because he got scared. I guess I am just a big ‘ol scaredy-cat.

I liked this book, but I don’t think I’ll be reading any other scary books soon.


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