book haul.

This weekend was the Friends of The Seattle Public Library big book sale at Magnuson Park. I went last year and was eagerly anticipating this year.

I don’t know why, but the people who go to this book sale constantly surprise me. I thought I was prepared to buy a lot of books because I brought a tote bag. But there were people with empty boxes that they were filling up with books to buy. I saw numerous people with suitcases that they were filling up with books. I even saw a duo that had come prepared with scanners on their phones. I watched as they went about their way, scanning the ISBNs of books, presumably so they could find ones that could be resold.

I saw a girl arranging her books, Tetris-style, in her suitcase so she could get all of them in (spoiler alert – they did not all fit).

I’m also pretty certain I saw someone with at least 20 DVDs. I’m not entirely sure how they carried them all home.

I managed to pick up 7 books to buy this year. It was a good book haul.

***Proceeds from the big book sale go to help raise money for library programs.

book haul


3 thoughts on “book haul.

  1. I have my own little stack of precious books, and looking forward to the chilly winter months – when I read them. I’ve decided to go back to paper books – instead of reading devices. And, I am so glad to be “home.” 🙂

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