apartment elves.

I had today off from work (because Labor Day) so I slept in a little and did some things around my apartment.

I’m always amazed at what happens at my apartment and building when I’m at work. It’s like that fairy tale where the elves come out at night and make all the shoes for the cobbler. I imagine that when I’m at work all day, everyone in the apartment building comes out to play.

Apparently someone that lives in the building plays the electric guitar. I was sitting on my couch when I was suddenly treated to an impromptu concert. I couldn’t tell where the music was coming from – if it was from an apartment above me or next to me. It makes me wonder if the person playing is in a band or just plays for fun. Do they practice during the day because they figure no one would be home at that time so they wouldn’t be bothering anyone?

I heard the cleaning crew come by and heard them vacuuming the hallway outside my apartment. I always feel kind of bad for the cleaning crew. I feel that they work really hard vacuuming and mopping to keep the floors clean and everything smudge free, only to have myself or someone else stomp down the hall 5 minutes later with our dirty shoes. And then I feel sad.

I also heard a bunch of people talking and laughing outside as they walked down the street. Does this happen every day? Why aren’t these people at work?? (oh yeah, Labor Day.)

Not to mention I got to watch all the daytime television that I am never home to see. I practically squealed when I was flipping through the channels and saw The Price is Right still on. (BTW did you know they have male showcase models now? Equality!)

But the real question is, do they still play the yodeler Cliffhanger game?


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