go bayside! podcast.

There’s another podcast that I am loving right now. I have been obsessed with Go Bayside! which is all about that great Saturday morning tv show of the late ’80s and early ’90s, Saved by the Bell.

I was a huge Saved by the Bell fan. In fact, I still am a huge fan. I watched it on Saturday mornings and during the week I would race home from school to watch it in the afternoons on TBS. I even watch it now when it’s on Netflix. My favorite character was Zack, of course, because he was able to get out of any problem and he always had some cutesy one-liner to say.

Luckily we have this podcast to reinforce the awesomeness of the Saved by the Bell. Basically the host of the podcast has people over to her apartment where they watch an episode of Saved by the Bell and then discuss it in detail.

This podcast is hilarious. They talk about everything from Zack speaking to the camera, to everyone hanging out in the hallway during class (also that the school seemed to only have 1 hallway where all the lockers were), to the fact that Screech built a talking robot and nobody seemed to care, and what was the deal with The Max? Everyone hung out there and attended school functions such as pep rallies and dances, so was The Max part of the school or what? And just where exactly was The Max located? Plus, what Saved by the Bell commentary wouldn’t be complete without discussing the fabulous fashion of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s.

I knew Saved by the Bell was amazingly terrible but I didn’t realize how much until I listened to the podcast episodes. I forgot about how just anyone could barge into the principal’s office at any time and how inappropriate all the adults on this show were. But it was my go-to show and I loved it. I mean, Zack and Kelly had the best hair out of anyone.

The podcast covers the entire catalog of Saved by the Bell episodes, including the Palm Springs weekend and the Malibu Sands Beach Club summer episodes. (Good Morning, Miss Bliss and Saved by the Bell: The College Years are not included.) In all, there are 84 episodes, which is more than enough material to keep you entertained.

I am really enjoying this podcast.


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