march in review.

cherry blossoms

It seems strange that it is already April; it feels like this year is going by so quickly. Perhaps it’s because March was such a busy month for me. I haven’t been spending a lot of time in front of my laptop but that’s mainly because I’ve been working like a fiend and spending too much time in front of my work computer. Sometimes it’s a difficult decision but when you really only have 1 day to go grocery shopping and do laundry and clean and run all those errands that I put off during the week because I was at work, you have to prioritize and some things, no matter how much you enjoy them, just don’t make the cut.

I either need to learn how to balance my work/life more or start scheduling my free time. But who wants to have to schedule a time to relax? Last month, I definitely fell behind in my reading. I’ve had to return more than one library book without reading it because I didn’t have the time. Sad, but true.

A while back I had purchased an Amazon Local voucher for 30 days of unlimited classes at the Fremont Health Club. I just started using the voucher in March, considering it was about to expire. If you haven’t been to the Fremont Health Club, you should go. It’s a small gym but I highly recommend the Fremont Warrior class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

My birthday was also in March. Can I stop getting older please? I’d really like to stop now.

And Spring is here! The Pacific Northwest has had a really warm winter and start to spring (although you wouldn’t know it now considering we’ve had cold and rain for the past week). But what is it they say – April showers bring May flowers? All our flowers are blooming ahead of schedule and hopefully our amazing weather will continue into the summer.

Finally, I can’t seem to get Eye of the Tiger out of my head. That’s okay though, because it’s an awesome song and an even more awesome song to work out to.


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