more things On a Table.

You all remember the table that sits right across from the elevators in my apartment building?
The one that some residents use as a place to get rid of unwanted things? Well, here are some more of the unwanted items that I’ve seen sitting on the table.

Anybody need a microwave?
Are you attending a wedding soon and do you need a present? How about this wedding album?
wedding album
Or this picture frame?
picture frame
Oh, and if you need a shirt to wear to the wedding, there is always this one:
Do you need some candlesticks? Or a monkey jigsaw puzzle?
How about a computer bag?
computer bag
Maybe your car is not running smoothly? Here is some motor oil:
motor oil
If you are interested in a different type of oil, here are some infused olive oils:
olive oil
Are you looking for a cat toy? I’ve got one right here:
cat toy
And finally, a half drunk bottle of wine:
half bottle of wine


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