The other night I dreamt I was riding in an elevator. I had entered the elevator along with a couple of other people. The elevator went up and a lady got off. The elevator then went down and then, to reach our next stop, it started moving sideways. Of course, this being a dream, everyone thought the sideways movement was completely normal. In fact, how else were we supposed to get to the floor that was on the other side of the city?

I’ve dreamt plenty of times in the past about riding in elevators and riding in sideways elevators. Usually the elevator is flying when it goes sideways (elevators always fly when they move sideways, right?). I can only imagine that it looks quite like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, only an elevator not a phone booth.

I was curious as to what these elevator dreams meant or if there was any meaning to them so I consulted a higher authority – the internet – and here’s what I discovered.

Elevators are a mode of transportation so, according to the internet, when you dream about riding in an elevator, this symbolizes your path and the ups and downs you are facing in your life. It represents how you are progressing towards your goals. An upward motion in an elevator represents a rise in status and wealth. You are advancing towards your goals.

“This is great,” I thought, as I scrolled down through the page.

Then I read that descending in an elevator signifies setbacks and misfortunes. It can symbolize being grounded or coming back to life.

“This is not great,” I thought.

Further reading resulting in learning that if you dream of moving up and down in the elevator in the same dream, this can indicate there are going to be occasions in the near future where you are going to approach matters positively and negatively.

“Well, that’s obvious,” I thought.

But the best thing the internet told me was that if the elevator is moving sideways, this can mean your efforts are counterproductive. You are going nowhere in your work, relationships or other statuses. You may be trying to move a situation but you are unable to change anything at the moment.

So basically, my elevator dreams mean that I am advancing forward with something, but then I am falling back, however it doesn’t matter because nothing I can do will change anything.

Hmm. If all my dreams are going to be this confusing, perhaps I won’t try so hard to remember them in the future. But it was fun, flying in that elevator…


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