confessions of a magazine hoarder.

I have a bit of a problem. I like to buy magazines, but then I never read them. I get lured in by the flashy covers and think, “I have to have this!” I usually end up buying the magazine, taking it home and laying it on the desk or the counter. It will lay there, often as part of a bigger pile, for however long until I remember, “Oh yeah, I bought that magazine a while back.”

Often a magazine will sit on the counter, gathering dust, until I finally look through it or just suck it up and put it in the recycling pile without even reading it. Sometimes I have to cut my losses and tell myself that if I haven’t had the motivation to read it in the past 6 months, that it is never going to happen. Plus, by that time I’ve usually forgotten what compelled me to purchase the magazine in the first place. I just recently went through a stack of magazines and found a couple that were at least a year old, and a couple that were from Christmas time (bought for the yummy pictures of Christmas cookies I’m sure).

I think my foray into becoming a magazine junkie started when I was a teeny bopper, answering the quizzes in YM and Teen. I easily bought Bop and Tiger Beat just so I could tear our pictures of New Kids on the Block and Kirk Cameron to tape onto my walls. But there’s just something about doing the quizzes and circling the letters and giggling with your friends over cute cover boys. This graduated to filling in crossword puzzles and instead of ripping out pages with pictures of boy bands, I now rip out pages of recipes and outfits I like. This has ultimately led to not only magazine hoarding, but the hoarding of pages torn out from magazines. I still haven’t figured out what to do with them, although I will probably put them in a pile on the counter or desk.

I also freely admit that my magazine hoarding is influenced by spectacular headlines. I am the person that marketers are aiming at when they put celebrities on the covers of magazines. I will buy a magazine solely because I like the person on the cover. Car and Driver? Sure I’ll buy it, as long as Emma Stone or Anna Kendrick is on the cover. Of course, that also works in reverse as I will not buy a magazine if a person I don’t like is on the cover. The magazine could have the most compelling headlines ever, but if I don’t like the cover model, that magazine is not going home with me. (Although now I sometimes feel my age since it seems like I don’t know the majority of the younger Disney Channel celebrities.)

Perhaps one day I will learn that it is not a bargain to buy a $5 magazine if I am not going to read it. But until then I will keep piling them up.


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