around Seattle: Waterfall Garden Park.

Did you know there is a waterfall in the middle of downtown Seattle?

Nestled in the heart of Pioneer Square, the Waterfall Garden Park sits at the corner of 2nd Ave and Main St. This small park (only 6480 square feet) was completed in 1978 and is located at the site of the first UPS headquarters in Seattle.

Stepping into this park is like stepping into a different place. The main focus of the garden is the 22-foot-high waterfall, which is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. Small tables and chairs are scattered throughout the garden so it is the perfect place to have a snack while relaxing out of the urban jungle. The soothing sounds from the waterfall help to drown out the city and traffic noise outside while refreshing you for your next adventure.

It really is a little oasis.

Waterfall Park 1

Waterfall Park 2

Waterfall Park 3

Waterfall Park 4

Waterfall Park 6

Waterfall Park 7


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