grilled cheese party.

grilledI came across this article recently on the Quick and Dirty Tips website called How to Throw a Grilled Cheese Party. You all know I love grilled cheese so of course I had to click on it and share.

Basically, the party host supplies an assortment of breads and the equipment to grill up the sandwiches. Guests are free to bring any fillings they want and are encouraged to not limit themselves to just cheese. Once the party gets going, everyone assembles and cooks up their grilled cheeses, thus ensuring a yummy and fantastic night for all.

I think this is an awesome idea for a party and, if I had a normal sized kitchen, I would totally throw it. In the meantime, I would gladly RSVP ‘Yes’ to anyone who decides to host one. As to what fillings would I bring? I would definitely bring cheese, probably a sharp cheddar or a gouda, sliced apples and chocolate. Yum!


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