diy: sunburst mirror.

starburst1.1So, I go to Starbucks a lot on my way to work. And I usually get a hot drink, which I then have to carry to my office, which is about a 10 minute walk away. Luckily Starbucks has these things called splash sticks which you can stick into the lid of your drink and prevents your coffee from spilling out of the sip hole. I’ve also found they help to keep my drink hot. They look like this:

splash sticksAnd I have quite a collection of these sticks. I’ve been saving them up because I wanted to do something with them, other than throw them away. I’ve seen many pictures of sunburst mirrors and love the way they look, so I decided to make my own with my Starbucks splash sticks.

I picked up a 5 inch round mirror from Michaels, along with a bunch of other small round mirrors.

mirrorsI spray painted the splash sticks gold:

goldAnd then glued the little mirrors to one end of the stick and the other end to the back of the larger mirror. When it was all finished, I had my very own sunburst mirror!



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