things On a Table.

Right across from the elevators in my apartment building sits a table:

I’m not sure what the purpose of this table is. Mostly I use it as a place where I set my bag as I rummage through it or do a last minute mirror check while waiting for the elevator. However, there are some residents on my floor who have decided to use the table as a place to get rid of their unwanted things. Their very own recycling area, I guess you could say. Here are some of the unwanted items that I’ve seen sitting on the table.

Someone must have finally gotten a dvd player because they were getting rid of their old VHS tapes:

Books are a popular item left on the table:Those books were then joined by some glasses and a window decal:This box of paperback books:

was joined by this stereo:

and then by this printer:

Need some pillows?

How about a case of V8?

Anyone want a fishtank?

or this nifty pet water dispenser thing:

This crock pot was so popular that it made 2 appearances on the table. Once:

and then again a couple days later:But the best thing I’ve ever seen on the table, and I am bummed that I did not get a picture of it, was an opened, half drunk, bottle of wine. It was gone the next time I walked by so I’m not sure if someone took it, drank it, or threw it away.



2 thoughts on “things On a Table.

  1. We, too, have an active “recycle” center in our apartment building. The most common items in our building seem to be books, video tapes, furniture, women’s clothes, and men’s shoes.


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