reflections from the past Year.

This time last year I was just settling in to my new apartment here in Seattle. My apartment was fairly bare – my furniture consisted of a bed, television, and two bookcases. I had just moved across the country and was looking forward to living on the west coast again.

It’s been a year since my move and I am still loving Seattle. The furniture in my apartment has grown to include a desk and television stand. An umbrella is a permanent fixture in my tote and I now have a rain coat with a hood. I have figured out the public transportation system and can get almost anywhere on the bus.

Some things have been hard to get used to, such as living in the Pacific time zone. I still think that when I watch The Today Show it is live television, forgetting that I am watching something that already aired three hours ago on the east coast. Also, it seems strange to me that when I am just getting into my grove at work, my friends back east are already thinking about lunch. But other things are fabulous, such as the laid back and diverse culture of Seattle, as well as the lack of oppressive humidity.

I’ve experienced all four seasons in Seattle and have been awed by the brilliant colors in the spring and fall. I made it through my first Seattle winter unscathed and yes, it snowed a bit and was cold, but I survived and I have yet to be washed away by the torrential rain that everyone just had to warn me about.

Here are some other things that I’ve learned from my first year living in Seattle:

  • Don’t go to Pike Place Market on a weekend during the summer – it gets really crowded there!
  • I know it’s a difficult concept, but Starbucks is not the only coffee shop out there.
  • The ferry is an inexpensive and quick way to get to Bainbridge Island or Victoria, BC.
  • Sometimes, when the sun is out and shining, you just have to sit in a park and enjoy it.
  • The Seattle Library is awesome!
  • The Link light rail is a super cheap way to get to and from the airport.
  • It doesn’t rain all the time or every day in Seattle…
  • But it is a good idea to always carry an umbrella as the weather can change quickly.
  • Columbia Center offers a spectacular panoramic view of Seattle without the Space Needle crowds and for half the price.
  • You can get a great workout simply by walking the steep streets and inclines in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill.
  • And finally, prostitutes in the early 1900’s would register their occupations as “seamstresses”.

4 thoughts on “reflections from the past Year.

  1. Link light rail is also a great way to get to the Beacon Hill Library (if you don’t mind a 2 block walk). It’s a beautiful little library, with an interesting cultural mix.


  2. When I went to Seattle for the first time in the summer to visit friends, I said “Are you sure you northwesterners didn’t just concoct a story about rain to tell everyone from California so we’d be too scared to move here?” Best summers in Seattle!


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