diy: a new TV Stand.

I’ve been on the lookout for a television stand for a while now. When I saw this dresser sitting in the trash room of my apartment building, I knew that with a little care it could be perfect. I quickly rescued the dresser and brought it to my apartment.

The dresser was in good condition. The only main problem was that it was missing the top drawer. I briefly debated constructing a new drawer but soon nixed that idea as I do not have the tools or means to make a drawer. I decided to convert the top drawer into a shelf that I could put my dvr and cable box on.

I sanded the entire dresser and gave it a fresh coat of paint. I had a piece of wood cut to reinforce the shelf and covered that in liner paper to give the stand some added color and pizazz. I painted the drawers in an ombre design, using varying shades of purple. The original hardware on the drawers were broken, so I replaced them with new simple silver handles. Finally, I hammered a couple of nails into the back of the dresser, as the back paneling was a bit loose, and cut a hole on the shelf level for the wires to peak out in the back.

And voila! A new TV stand.


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