reading resolutions update.

July 1. It’s officially halfway through the year so I thought I would check in to see how my reading resolutions are progressing. I have 2 reading resolutions for 2012. They are:

1. Read 52 books.

2. Read more non-fiction and biography books.

So how am I doing? Well, I’ll start right off by saying that I have yet to read a non-fiction or biographical book. I have a couple on my nightstand waiting to be read, but I haven’t picked them up yet. I have, however, read 28 books so far this year. If I can keep up this pace I will be on track to read over 52 books this year and will fulfill at least one of my resolutions.

A friend made an interesting point concerning the lengths of the books I am reading and that it wasn’t fair if I was reading too long or too short books. I’m not sure of the average page length of a book. Generally only words are counted since the length of a book can vary based on page and text size. I usually prefer to read books in the range of 300-400 pages. So if I read 52 books and each has an average of 350 pages, that is 18,200 pages. If I add up the pages I’ve read so far this year, I’ve read 9,968 pages which leaves 8,232 pages left.

Keep on reading!


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