a Love Letter to June.

It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating and toasting to the New Year and now this year is almost half over. As the calendar rolls over into the sixth month, it is strange to think that just a couple of months ago the city was cool and grey, emerging from winter. Now, the sun shines high in the sky and illuminates our part of the world late into the night.

I have put away my heavy coats and wool scarves and am slowly integrating skirts and short sleeves into my wardrobe. The flowers are blooming and exuding their aromas along the way as they rise from the frozen earth to stretch their petals to that yellow fire in the sky.

Downtown, the tourists have emerged and Pike Place Market is full of visitors eagerly seeking out the flowers and seafood sold there. The boats are sailing in the harbor with plenty of whale watchers and sight-seers aboard. The streets are getting crowded as the days are getting longer and warmer, signaling that summer is on its way and will arrive soon.

It is June.


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