to Knit or not to Knit.

Everyone has some sort of hobby, I guess. Some people listen to music or collect rocks or create scrapbooks. Other people play sports, paint, or trace their family tree. I suppose you could say that my hobbies are reading and writing. I always carry a paperback and a notebook in my bag so that whenever I have some spare time I can read or write.

But I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet. I’m not sure that I can articulate a reason why this hobby calls to me. Perhaps it is because knitting creates a tangible object, something that you can wear or use. Perhaps it is because knitting seems so relaxing. Whenever I see people knitting they look so calm, clicking away on their needles. Perhaps it is because my grandmother used to crochet. I have many memories of her crocheting and creating these beautiful doilies and handmade ornaments and it would be nice to create something to hand down to my family.

I confess to buying knitting books and magazines and picking out items to knit. I thumb through the magazines and tear out pages of hats, scarves, and sweaters to make.


I have quite a collection of patterns to choose from, if I ever take the time to actually knit something. I’ve started on many projects, but I just can’t seem to finish anything. I’ve started to knit a baby blanket, a scarf, a dishtowel, and a hat. I can get about halfway through, and then for some reason I just can’t finish the project.

I also find shopping for yarn for my knitting projects to be exhilarating and I’ve bought many a skein. There are so many different colors and fibers. I don’t consider myself a knitter, but I can see how easy and addicting it is for knitters accumulate a stash.

Maybe eventually, if I ever finish a project, I can call myself a knitter. I know I should probably get rid of all the yarn I’ve bought but I have high hopes that one day I will begin and finish a knitting project. And until then, I will keep my yarn and my patterns in a safe place.


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