a Happy Weekend.

I took a trip this weekend to Washington, DC to visit some of my friends. I hadn’t been back in DC since I moved to Seattle 8 months ago and was eager to catch up with my fellow ladies. And what a fabulous weekend it was.

My weekend with the girls was filled with fun. There was manicures and pedicures, brunch at the Ritz-Carlton, wine and cheese, movies, and of course, friends.

I adore my friends. They are the one aspect I miss the most about moving to Seattle. I try my best to keep in touch with them and attempt to email or text every couple of weeks. I also enjoy sending snail mail to friends in honor of birthdays and holidays and sometimes just to say Hello!

My friends are the best. They remind me that I’m not alone in this vast space. They are always willing to offer advice or lend an ear if I just need someone to listen. With the click of the mouse or a text message we can connect over the thousand of miles between us. I do miss my friends.

The only downside to my trip was that I flew a red-eye out to DC. I’ve always disliked flying east. Because of the time change it seems like it takes the entire day to make the trip. Fortunately, if I fly a red-eye I can sleep part of the way and when I arrive in the morning I am refreshed and feel like I’ve slept through the night. It’s always easier flying west because the time change ends up being an advantage. I can leave DC at 11am and be in Seattle by 1pm.

But, if it is the only way to see my friends, I will gladly make the trip and fly the friendly skies to meet up with them.



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