the Fictional Movie Universes I Want to Live in.

The Huffington Post wants to know which fictional movie universe you most want to live in. This is a hard question because I think it is also asking, along with which fictional universe you want to live in, which fictional characters in that universe do you most want to be like. Sure, it would be cool to live in the Harry Potter universe, but only if you are a witch or a wizard. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be a muggle or a squib in Harry Potter. Likewise, I would only want to live in the Twilight universe if I was vampire that hung out with the Cullens. Would you really want to be in Twilight if you were, say, Mike Newton? Or any other faceless classmate? I didn’t think so. (Although since Bella arrived the Cullens seem to get in a lot of life threatening situations so maybe not…) Anyway, I have put together a list of some fictional movie and television universes that I would and would not want to live in.

True Blood – Sure it would be fun to live in this universe, but only if I am a vampire that hangs out with Eric Northman and no one is trying to kill me so they can get high on my blood.

Harry Potter – If I were a witch/wizard I would definitely want to live in the Harry Potter universe. I don’t even have to know Harry Potter or his friends personally; just the fact that I could go to Hogwarts and learn magic would be fabulous.

Star Trek – How fun would it be to live on the Enterprise with the replicators and the holodecks! Or, I don’t even have to live on the Enterprise. I would gladly live on Earth in the Star Trek universe where war and poverty have been eliminated and money is obsolete. I bet they read a lot on that Earth.

Narnia – Who wouldn’t want to live in a universe where animals talk and a lion is king?

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit – This universe is a toss-up. It would be an adventure to be an elf living in Rivendell or Lothlórien or a hobbit dwelling in the Shire. However, there seems to be a lot of battles and violence that I would not want to be a part of.

Game of Thrones – Pass on living in this universe. There is too much of a chance that I could be raped, beheaded, stabbed, drowned, burned alive, enslaved, thrown off a cliff, forced to marry, or shot.

Battlestar Galactica – Pass on living in this universe as well. I probably would have died when the Cylons attacked and destroyed all the planets and never would have made it onto any of the spaceships.


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