I watched Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon so you don’t have to.

There are some scary movies that are so frightening they make you jump out of your seat with fear. They are the movies that are so horrifying they require watching through the slits in your fingers as you cower in the corner of your chair. They are the movies that make you terrified of stepping near your bed because something may be hiding underneath, or make you afraid to look in the mirror because you might see someone standing next to or behind you that wasn’t there before. Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon, is not one of these movies.

This weekend, I had the great fortune to catch Yeti when it aired on the SyFy Channel. First off, let me say that I love SyFy Channel movies. Movies about giant radioactive octopi? Awesome. Movies about massive volcanoes in Florida? I’m there. Movies about outlandish natural disasters threatening to destroy the world? Count me in. As soon as I saw that Yeti was a SyFy Channel made-for-television movie, I knew I was in for a treat. And what a chocolate and peanut butter covered treat it was.

Yeti stars Carly Pope and Peter DeLuise, and is a chilling tale of survival in the snowy mountains. On route to Japan, an airplane carrying members of a U.S. college football team crashes into the Himalayan Mountains. The majority of passengers perish, including the plane’s crew, leaving a ragtag group of survivors to brave the elements and wait for a rescue that may never come.

Forced to survive in the brutal cold with only the clothes on their back, and the clothes from the dead passengers’ backs, this scrappy bunch must put aside their differences and struggle to work together to stay alive. Equipped with a box of matches, 3 energy bars, and alcohol, the survivors wonder if they will make it through the night. But just when they thought the danger of freezing to death was the worst that could happen, the motley crew find themselves in further peril when they attract the attention of a territorial Yeti. As the Yeti begins to pick them off one by one, the survivors are left to doubt if anyone will be left alive to be rescued.

It is clear that the star of this movie is the Yeti snow demon. Can this Yeti snow demon be any more demonic? With its abundance of body hair and penchant for making off with bodies in the middle of the night, ripping hearts out of people’s chests and groping innocent women, I would not want to meet the Yeti on a snowy mountainside. The Yeti’s strength and resourceful nature is obvious when it rips a man’s leg from his body and beat him with it. Why bring your own weapons when you can make them from your spoils? With its barbaric and savage behavior, the Yeti is almost indestructible, and can even withstand being shot multiple times, falling off of cliffs, and being buried in an avalanche.

Unfortunately, while Yeti was billed as a horror movie, it was more appropriately a comedy, with its outrageous special effects and ridiculous makeup. Except for when it was bounding through the air, the Yeti appeared as menacing as a man in a spray-painted gorilla suit, and I may have almost fell off my couch from laughing so hard. The deaths were ridiculous which, if I had to witness them in person may have been horrifying, in the movie they came across as hilarious and campy.

As I watched this movie many questions came to mind. Why was a U.S. football team flying to Japan and why were they flying over the Himalayas to get there? Will the survivors get so drunk from the alcohol on board that it won’t matter if they are rescued? Will the group build a fort using the dead passengers bodies to hide in? Will Bigfoot challenge the Yeti to a fight to determine who is the most frightening of them all? Will anyone think to check if someone had a cell phone in their luggage? Will the survivors eat each other before the Yeti eats them?  The answers lie in Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon.




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