things to Smile about.

It’s the first week of the new year, so while you are busy sticking to your resolutions, dieting, and getting organized, here are a couple things to make you smile:

                                                                       Photo: Rag & Bone Boutique


The New Year means new journals, new calendars, and new planner pages and this week I am smiling about journal and planner love.

I love journals. I have about 15 or so journals. Some are completely filled with my ramblings, some are half filled, and some are blank. When I go to the bookstore I always make sure to stop by the journal section to see what is new. I love to buy journals and I usually have a stack of them waiting to be written in. I think these journals from Pierre Belvedere are stylish and these notebooks from Paperchase are super cute!.

I also cannot wait for my new planner pages, all crisp and clean for me to write on. Every year when I get a new planner I like to go through all the pages, writing down birthdays and dates not to be forgotten. I fill up their empty lines with my important notes and meetings until they are chock-full of information. I especially like this planner from the Rag & Bone Boutique.



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