Reading Resolutions.

2012 is going to be huge. From the Summer Olympics, to the Presidential Election, to the end of the world, this year is going to be remarkable. The new year is a time to make a fresh start and when I keep and follow through on my New Year’s resolutions, I too will be remarkable. Even though roughly 78% of people who set New Year resolutions fail, I am not going to fall into that trap.

This year I am focusing my resolutions on reading. In 2011, I read 39 books. That amounts to 1 book every 9.35 days. In my opinion, this is an acceptable amount, considering that in August I made a cross-country move that required me to undergo months of research, make a trip to Seattle to find an apartment, and pack up and ship everything from my apartment in Washington, DC. Additionally, I was basically useless during the weeks leading up to Christmas since I was shopping, trolling the internet to find the best deal for a flight home, and then cleaning my apartment and doing laundry so I could come back to a clean apartment. However, this year I am resolving to read 52 books, the equivalent to one book per week.

I also tend to read the same genres – chick lit, young adult, romance, and paranormal romance. I’m not a huge fan of biographies or non-fiction. If I do read non-fiction it is likely to be a writing reference, grammar, or style guide. If I were to guess, I would say that the last biography type book I read was Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl in junior high, which was a long time ago. I figure I need to broaden my tastes, so this year I am resolving to read more non-fiction and biography books.

So to recap, my 2012 New Year’s resolutions:

  • Read 52 books.
  • Read more non-fiction and biography books.

Let the 2012 reading commence!


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