Rainy Days.

A few months ago I made the cross-country move to Seattle from the east coast. When I told people I was making the Pacific Northwest my new home, the most popular advice I received was to bring an umbrella. Never having lived in Seattle or the Pacific Northwest before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wouldn’t be a lie for me to say that I was expecting it to rain almost every day.

Luckily the summer was warm and sunny, but as winter creeps up the days have gotten shorter, the sun has started hiding in the clouds, and the weather has cooled. It is starting to look and feel like the Seattle that everyone talks about. The sky is grey and gloomy and puddles are in abundance on the sidewalks and streets. I’ve unpacked my coats, scarves, gloves, and umbrella and am ready for what Mother Nature brings.

While I enjoy the rain I am not one to go out and sing in it like Gene Kelly, while wearing my matching rain boots and slicker. When my brain decides it would much rather lay on the couch in my comfy clothes with a bag of chips than venture outside in the rain, I figure I’ll need something to occupy my time after I’ve scarfed down the salty potato deliciousness and exhausted all my DVR recordings.

Hence, this blog.

I thought it would be fun to start this blog to ramble about random things that pop into my head when I am attempting to avoid the gloom. I love to read so a lot of my rambles may be about books and words. As a newcomer to Seattle, I can envision some rambles about finding my way around a new city and getting acclimated to living in the Pacific Northwest.  Or it is possible that I may write about just nonsense.

I guess we will see…



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